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Thank you very much for looking at this section about becoming a Young Associate or Student Associate Representative on the ABTT Council of Management.

ABTT Council of Management Young Associate Representative and Student Associate Representative: submit your application by 5.00pm Wednesday 28th January 2015. Details on how to apply can be found here.

The Council of Management currently consists of:

  • eleven elected  Members of the Association who are Trustee/Directors of the ABTT. Only the elected Trustee/Directors on the Council have a vote if any decision is made in such a manner;
  • Members or Associates of the association who are co-opted to the Council.  The purpose of co-opted members is to provide additional experience and advice to aid the Council in its management of the Association and
  • any persons who under the Articles of the ABTT qualify as ex-officio members of the Council.  These are people who through their office within the Association are deemed to be part of the Council.  The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are ex-officio members of Council as are the chairmen of the various ABTT Committees.

The Council think it very important that the rapidly growing number of Young and Student Associates have a voice in Council and are able to contribute to the work that the Council undertakes.  To this end the Council invite applications from any Young Associates or Student Associates who would like to generally represent the interests, experiences, opinions and concerns of those with the same membership as themselves.

I very much hope that the reason you are reading this is because you are interested in being considered for the role of either Young Associate Representative of Student Associate Representative.  If you were successful in being co-opted to Council it would be to serve in office for one year, usually from January to December.  You may offer yourself  to be co-opted again after a year’s office if you are still eligible to be a Young or a Student Associate.

To apply to be a Young Associate or Student Associate Representative you need to submit your application by 5.00pm Wednesday 28th January 2015 with the following:

  • an information sheet which contains your contact information and membership details: Click here to download the Young or Student Associate Information Sheet;
  • a Curriculum Vitae (CV) outlining your education, training and work experience to date with particular reference to any opportunities you have had to pursue an interest in the technical subjects connected with the theatre and theatrical presentation.  These include lighting, sound, scenic construction, theatrical flying, stage automation, rigging, stage crewing, prop making, costume making, wardrobe running, make-up or wigs;
  • the names, emails, addresses and telephone numbers for two referees who know you well and will be able to support the information you give on your CV and
  • a Personal Statement of no more than 250 words explaining why you are interested in being co-opted as a Young Associate or Student Associate Representative on the ABTT Council, what you hope to contribute to the ABTT in that role and how your previous and current activities and interests will help you do this.

The Council hopes that serving as a Young Associate or Student Associate Representative will be a positive experience for anyone developing a career in technical theatre and will offer you the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and experience in the way the industry operates and regulates itself which will be of significant value to your future career opportunities and major contribution to your personal enjoyment in working in this sector of the performing arts.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the role of Young Associate or Student Associate Representative please do not hesitate to contact me.

RT Sig

Robin Townley,
Email here
Association of British Theatre Technicians
020 7242 9200
Fourth Floor
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Statement: Representation for Young and Student Associates on the ABTT Council of Management

The ABTT Council has resolved to co-opt two Young or Student Associates of the Association on to the Council.  These co-opted Young and/or Student Associates will each fill the role of Young Associate or Student Associate Representative to the Council.

The co-option will usually occur towards the end of the calendar year and the associates shall hold office from the first Council Meeting of the calendar year until the last Council Meeting of the same calendar year or until he or she shall vacate the office if earlier. The co-opted Young or Student Associate shall have no vote.

Any previously co-opted Young or Student Representative will be eligible for co-option for a further year as long as they continue to qualify for Young or Student Associate membership at the time they commence their office and if they are willing to be considered for further co-option.

In order to select Young or Student Associates for co-option Council will invite interested individuals who hold Young or Student Associate membership and if co-opted will qualify for such membership at the commencement of their office to submit a Curriculum Vitae with the name of two referees and a 250 word statement explaining why they would like to hold office as a Young or Student Associate Representative on the ABTT Council.

Council may wish for potential representatives to attend an interview before deciding upon whom to co-opt.

The Council will offer to reimburse reasonable costs to allow Young or Student Associate representatives to attend Council Meetings and other ABTT activities and events.