ABTT Council

The ABTT Council is the governing body of the Association. The Council consists of elected Trustees, ex-officio members and co-opted members.  Only Trustees have a vote.  The Trustees must be  full Members of the Association and are elected by their peers to serve for 3 years. Please see the ABTT Memorandum and Articles of Association for more details. Here are the current Council Members.

Historical Research Committee: more information and resources.

The Committee is the ABTT’s expert group on the physical and technical history of buildings, productions and associated entertainment installations and equipment.  It acts as technical adviser on these matters to The Theatres Trust and other bodies.

The Committee has two main concerns: to document and record the onset of technology being used in the field of entertainment, and to evaluate the importance of technical installations and artefacts, especially where they are threatened with either demolition or destruction.

The Committee is just as keen to write down what is going on now, In order to save someone, in 30 or 40 years time, having to delve about in creaky old files, to find out what is common knowledge to all of us.

The Committee has been able to provide policy advice for the Theatres Trust, working closely with them to monitor installations in theatre buildings. It is not a question of trying to stand in the way of progress, but rather making sure that what has been successful, useful and relevant is properly recorded.

Key objectives of the Committee are:

  • Researching, recording and publishing all aspects of physical and technical theatre history.
  • Maintaining active liaison with APAC (Association of Performing Arts Collections), SIBMAS (International Directory of Performing Arts Collections and Institutions) and other appropriate bodies.
  • Advising on and promoting ways of conserving historic theatre equipment, documentary material and artefacts.
  • Continuing a “Living History” programme of audio and video interviews of distinguished practitioners in creative and technical theatre for the ABTT and other appropriate archive collections.
  • Establishing and maintaining a professional archive of information, publications and transactions.
  • Nurturing an interest in the history of technical theatre for future generations through the presentation of public events both in London and around the United Kingdom.
  • Co-operating with others to promote the objectives of the Association whenever possible.

The ABTT Book Collection now resides at The Theatres Trust. More information on this can be found here.

The ABTT Historical Research Committee meetings for 2018 will be on the following dates:

24th January
28th February
28th March
25th April
30th May
20th June
26th September
31st October
28th November

All meetings will be on a Wednesday, all commence at 13.00hrs and all are to be held at The Theatres Trust.

ABTT Cymru

A newly formed branch. More details to follow. Regional or local branches may be established in any part of the world.

ABTT Hong Kong

A newly formed branch. More details to follow. Regional or local branches may be established in any part of the world.

ABTT NorthNet

The committee was formed in 1970 to provide a forum for technicians in the north of England. It is very active and has arranged visits and meetings covering a wide range of subjects.

ABTT School Theatre Support Group

The School Theatre Support Group (STSG) is a network of theatre technicians and other support staff working in schools and colleges, offering a community to this specialist yet important market, responsible for many professionally-equipped small theatres, as well as training and encouraging the next generation of theatre practitioners.  STSG is primarily a members-led organisation, focused around an annual weekend conference.

In conjunction with ABTT, the aims of the group are to allow networking opportunities between theatre professionals working in schools; to provide a discussion and problem-solving forum with a wide body of knowledge and experience; to facilitate training and development; and to raise awareness of theatre work within the education field.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is one of the busiest in the Association. It is responsible for the compilation and publication of the ABTT Codes of Practice and plays a vital role in the group publishing the Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment, known as the ‘Yellow Book’. As well as working on projects for the ABTT, members represent the industry on other bodies including the British Standards Institution and maintain contact with the Home Office, the Department of the Environment and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Health & Safety Executive.

ABTT Safety Committee Meetings for 2018 will be on the following dates:

25 January
22 February
29 March
26 April
24 May
28 June
23 August
27 September
25 October
22 November

All meetings will be on a Thursday, all commence at 1400hrs and all to be held at The Theatres Trust.

There are no meetings planned for JULY  or DECEMBER 2017.

Technical Theatre British Sign Language Committee

The ABTT Technical Theatre BSL Committee exists to:

  • Promote BSL as a technical language for accessing information for new and existing theatre professionals;
  • Promote a more inclusive professional theatre, in particular to advance Technical Theatre as a way of increasing creative work opportunities for deaf people and
  • develop future leaders who will become advocates of an inclusive and dynamic Theatre Industry

Theatre Planning Committee

The ABTT Theatre Planning Committee aims to provide impartial advice at planning stage to improve the design and technical standards to new or refurbished performing arts buildings of any size. It reviews plans for new and remodelled theatres, opera houses, performing arts centres and concert halls which are brought to it by clients, consultants and architects.

Training & Education Committee

The Training & Education Committee aims to work towards the best provision for pre-entry training for Technicians and Designers by engaging in all relevant debates affecting technical training and qualification of the Association members and thereby raise the profile of the ABTT in technical training.

Society of British Theatre Designers

The SBTD was a sister organisation of the ABTT and in 2010 became independent. It aims to enhance the standing of British theatre design at home and abroad. One example is the organisations have jointly every four years exhibited a work of theatre design which in part also represents Britain at the International Quadrennial in Prague. When the SBTD was administered by the ABTT members obtained membership of both organisations. If those people who were members wish to remain members of both the ABTT and SBTD they must make separate application and undertake renewals with the respective association.

Contact details for the SBTD are, 07539 088 6333
ABTT 020 7242 9200

Production Managers Forum (PMF)

The Production Managers’ Forum is a joint venture between the ABTT and the SMA (Stage Management Association) in recognition of the fact that there was no organisation dedicated to the needs of the Production Manager specifically. There aren’t vast numbers of Production Managers out there, and most of them are either members of the ABTT or the SMA…hence the collaboration. Production Management is a lonely job – you’re probably the only one within 60 miles, unless you work in London, so the PMF offers an opportunity to meet up with peers and form networks.