Richard Bunn

Trustee and Vice-Chair
Nikki Scott


Louise Birchall
David Evans
David Edelstein
Darren Joyce
Charlotte Lockyer
Peter Maccoy
Tom Mannings
Anette Ollerearnshaw
Caroline Rouse
Nikki Scott
John Young

Co-opted members
Zoe Cotton
Matthew Freeman
James McKeogh
Paul Moore
Tamykha Patterson

Ex-Officio members

Company Secretary and Chairman: Historical Research Committee
Roger Fox
Deputy Company Secretary
David Adams
Honorary Secretary
Matthew Jones
Chairman: Communications and Publication Committee
Mark White
Chairman: ABTT Safety Committee
Michael Anderson
Chairman: Theatre Design Committee
Tim Foster
Chairman: Training and Education Committee
Sebastian Barnes
Chairman: NorthNet Committee
Jean Shevelan

Fellows of the ABTT

The Council may appoint as Fellows of the ABTT a person who has rendered signal service to the technical aspects of the art of the theatre.  Fellows shall be entitled to the privileges and rights of Members.  The current fellows are:

David Adams
Ian Albery
Peter Angier
Jason Barnes
Tony Bond
David Blyth
Will Bowen
William (Bill) Dudley
John Faulkner
Tim Foster
Roger Fox
Chris Higgs
Geoffrey Joyce
Iain Mackintosh
Richard Pilbrow
Peter Roberts
Paul Sadler
John Simpson
David Staples
David Spink
Mark White
David Wilmore

Past Fellows of the ABTT

Fred Bentham 1911-2001
Richard Brett 1939-2014
Rod Ham 1925-2017
Ethel Langstreth 1930-2004
Maurice Marshall 1934-2010
Francis Reid 1931-2016
Ken Smalley



Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Robin Townley

Association Coordinator
Elysia Moore

Finance Administrator
Stuart Roberts

ABTT Training Co-ordinator
Geoffrey Joyce

Dates of forthcoming ABTT Council Meetings

30th January 2019

8th May 2019

26th June 2019

4th September 2019

6th November 2019

ABTT Christmas Party

Friday 6th December 2019