5/09/2017 12:09 HRS

ELECTION OF COUNCIL MEMBERS 2017 Please note that only MEMBERS, HONORARY MEMBERS & FELLOWS of the ABTT are eligible to nominate persons for election to Council and only MEMBERS, HONORARY MEMBERS & FELLOWS are eligible for nomination.  A list of their names may be found here.

The Council, with eleven elected members, is the governing body of the ABTT.  Council members are Directors of the Company and Trustees of the Charity.  Two vacancies will occur at the time of the next AGM on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

The vacancies occur through the retirement by rotation of the following who have completed their current three-year term of office:  Anette Ollerearnshaw and John Young. There are no Council members who have served two consecutive terms and are not eligible to stand this year. Anette Ollerearnshaw and John Young were appointed in 2014 for an initial three year term so are eligible to stand for a further three-year term.

Richard Bunn and Richard (Rikki) Newman were re-appointed in 2015 for a second three year term; David Evans and Mark White were appointed in 2015 for an initial 3 year term; David Edelstein and Tom Mannings were re-appointed in 2016 for a second three year term and Peter Maccoy, Caroline Rouse and Nikki Scott were appointed in 2016 for an initial three year term.

Members of the ABTT are invited to submit nominations for candidates for election.  If more than two nominations are received, there will be an election by postal and electronic ballot.  The information given on the nomination paper will be included in the ballot paper.  Please click here to download a nomination paper and here for a nominee information sheet.