21/04/2015 12:04 HRS

Please note you will need to sign up as a Young Friend through the Almeida’s website if you are selected to participate in these workshops. Young Friends need to be between 13-25 years old.

The Young Friends of the Almeida’s Creative Board are producing a series of artistic development workshops for writers, directors and stage managers.

In this series of workshops we are focusing on equipping emerging stage managers with the tools needed to actively pursue a career in the arts. We are therefore offering 15 of you the chance to participate in 3 skill-building sessions.

You will train under the guidance of a professional stage manager, developing skills and knowledge about what it is involved in being a stage manager of theatrical productions.

On completion of these workshops, 5 of the 15 stage managers will be chosen to manage a 20-minute production. These will have been developed by 5 YFA writers commissioned in our summer project of new writing, produced by the YFA Creative Board, as part of the Almeida’s Greek Season.

If selected for the project, each of the 5 chosen YFA stage managers will be assigned to a company made up of one YFA director and one YFA writer, who will have undergone similar training in artistic development workshops to collaborate with you in the staging and production of the script.

We are looking for stage managers with a strong desire to develop their craft, and who would greatly benefit from being a part of these workshops.

A vast amount of previous experience is not necessary, as we are more concerned with how you as a stage manager would benefit from these skill development workshops, not what you have done in the past.

Workshop Dates:
(Applicants must be available to attend every session, which will be held at the Almeida Theatre Rehearsal Room, 108 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN)

Tuesday 26th May Meet & Greet 6pm – 7pm

Wednesday 27th May 14.30 – 17.30

Thursday 28th May 14.30 – 17.30

Friday 29th May 14.30 – 17.30
Summer Project Dates (if selected)

Rehearsals W/C 27th July

Performances W/C 3rd August
Deadline for applications is Monday 4th May at 5pm. Find out more and complete an online form here.