27/02/2017 15:02 HRS

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 Freelance and self-employment survey.

The Creative Industries Federation asks you to  join them  in making sure the
vital work of freelancers and the self-employed in the creative industries
is understood in government.

The roles of freelance and self-employed workers are indispensable but are not
always understood which means their needs and working practices are overlooked in policy-making.

The Creative Industries Federation is looking to map the contribution of
self-employed and freelance workers to the creative economy and explore
how they fit within the bigger picture of creative employment.
The aim is to provide information and evidence for policy-makers and
create a set of recommendations to meet the previously-neglected needs
of freelancers in everything from access to workspace to sick pay and IP rights.
We welcome responses from all freelance and self-employed workers -
including sole-traders and entrepreneurs, consultants and creatives, poets
and artists – and from organisations who use them, from every sector
and every part of the UK.
Your responses are entirely confidential and we will contact or
identify you in our material only if you agree that we do so.

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