17/01/2013 12:01 HRS

The Stage Management Association has announced the date of the National Stage Management Census this week.  The census – which is for all stage managers -whether they are working during that week or not – will take place on Friday 15 February 2013.

The SMA has undertaken to run the census of all stage management to gather much-needed information about the number of stage management working in the industry in 2013, and about the variety of shows and the types of contracts they are working on.

The Executive Director of the SMA, Andy Rowley, comments:

“In collecting information about all stage management in the UK – whether they are working or not – on Friday 15 February 2013 we will collect solid facts on which to base our future campaigns in support of stage management and the valuable job they do at the creative heart of theatre and live events across the nation”

The SMA emphasises that the census is for ALL stage management and urges anyone who works in a job with stage management responsibilities to get involved by registering now to receive the census information and form:

Andy Rowley adds:

“We promise to use the information you send us only to promote and support stage management, and to help to improve working conditions and job prospects for everyone working in stage management. It is important that all SM’s, whether working or not, register and get involved, so that we can speak with authority about the working lives of SM’s across the UK. Because stage management are at the centre of most live and theatre events, this census will also act as a ‘litmus test’ for the health of the industry in general in 2013″.

The SMA will not use information it receives for other purposes, but it needs the email address supplied when registering to send out and verify census responses.