15/08/2014 14:08 HRS

In 2014 there is one bursary available under the scheme, which is designed to support the professional development of practitioners in technical theatre. Each bursary is valued at £580 is intended to cover the cost of taking the ABTT Bronze Certificated Award*, associated qualification and certificate.

The award is made up of five elements. Each element takes one day:

  • Electrical Fundamentalsintroduction to stage electrics: first line maintenance
  • Knots & Splicingessential every technician has an understanding of knots and ropes
  • Fundamentals of Flyingformal training on how to handle and operate such equipment
  • Safe use of temporary access equipmentas used in theatre venues
  • Manual Handling & Introduction to Health & Safety at Work Actan essential element in all stage activities
  • Multi-choice question paper

The final decision rests with the ABTT Training and Education Committee.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Applications which you can download here NicholasvanWijk_bursary_2014 and complete should be received no later than Friday 22 August 2014 and should be addressed to:

Nicholas F van Wijk Bursary, ABTT, 55 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3JB