30/04/2013 11:04 HRS

Do you know an SM, DSM, ASM or team who have performed exceptionally in 2012-2013?  Do you have an SM team who really ought to be recognised for their work?  Whether it is through a determination to get show on the road, smiling through adversity, brilliant creativity, or flawless communication and support, stage management can so often make the difference between an average production and a really great experience.

Stage Managers are at the creative heart of live theatre and events in the UK, and for 16 years the National Stage Management Awards have offered the opportunity for stage management to step into the spotlight and take a bow themselves!

The SMA is pleased to announce the 2013 National Stage Management Awards, and seeks your nominations in the following categories (anyone can nominate or be nominated, not just SMA members):

Individual Stage Manager Award: Outstanding individual contribution to stage management by an ASM, DSM or (C)SM on a show or season
Team Award:
A team whose achievement on a single show or a season was exceptional
Outstanding Contribution Award:
An award which recognises the major career achievement of an individual stage manager.

Please don’t delay: nominations close on May 10th 2013

The Individual and team award winners will receive an original and unique framed Hamlet cartoon (courtesy of Harry Venning and The Stage) as well as a year’s free Professional Membership of the SMA.

The Awards Ceremony for 2013 will again take place alongside the ABTT Show at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane in East London on the 12th June. The Event is generously sponsored by THE STAGE and hosted by  the SMA and ABTT Theatre Show.

Since 1998 we are proud to have received the generous support of THE STAGE for these awards, and more recently, GDS have kindly sponsored the Student Achievement award (nominated by the colleges whose members are eligible for Graduate membership of the SMA) and SMA members can  nominate their industry hero for the ‘Golden Headset’ Award.

‘Individuals’ or ‘Teams’ can be nominated for a single show or a season.
The Individual can be ASM, DSM, SM/CSM
Neither the nominator, nor the nominee, need to be SMA Members

The awards are made at the discretion of the selection panel, who shortlist the candidates in each category and make the award.
Nominations should be for theatre shows staged in the UK between May 2012 until June 2013.
Hurry!  Nominations close on May 10th 2013.

Nomination forms are attached and information and forms are also available HERE and on our website

Let your SM teams know that you have noticed and appreciated their work!

Please support the National Stage Management Awards and stage management skills and achievements that you have recognised by sending your nominations now.