5/12/2017 11:12 HRS

On Monday, December 4th, ESTA’s Technical Standards Program manager Karl Ruling issued notices that four ESTA standards had been made available for public review on ESTA’s TSP website.  One is an existing standard that is being considered for reaffirmation, while three are new standards. All are available for review at, and the review is free.
Please see these below in alphanumeric order:

BSR E1.4-2, Statically Suspended Rigging Systems

This draft standard addresses statically suspended rigging systems (dead-hung battens and grids) permanently installed in performances spaces, places of assembly, and other areas used for entertainment purposes where not otherwise covered by other E1 standards. This standard intends to establish minimum performance criteria, recommendations and guidelines that can be used for installation, use, maintenance and inspection purposes. Comments are due no later than December 25, 2017.

BSR E1.4-3, Entertainment Technology—Manually Operated Hoist Rigging Systems

This draft standard applies to permanently installed, human-powered manually operated hoists used as part of rigging systems for raising, lowering, and suspension of scenery, properties, lighting, and similar loads. This standard establishes requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, inspection, and maintenance of manual hoist systems for lifting and suspension of loads for performance, presentation, and theatrical production. Comments are due no later than January 15, 2018.

BSR E1.35, Lens Quality Measurements for Pattern Projecting Luminaires Intended for Entertainment Use

This is a public review of an existing standard, ANSI E1.35 – 2013. The standard5 describes a method for measuring stage and studio luminaire lens quality with particular emphasis on contrast and perceived sharpness. It also offers a way for presenting these results on a datasheet in a format that is readily understood by a typical end-user.Comments are due no later than January 15, 2018.

BSR E1.51, The Selection, Installation, and Use of Single-Conductor Portable Power Feeder Cable Systems for Use at 600 Volts Nominal or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy in the Television, Film, Live Performance and Event Industries in Canada

E1.51 is intended to offer guidance, in the context of applicable standards and regulations in Canada, on how to select, install, use, and maintain single-conductor portable feeder cables used to supply power for television, film, live performance, and special events in Canada. Comments are due no later than January 15, 2018.

For more information, please contact ESTA’s Technical Standards Program managers Karl Ruling or Erin Grabe at


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