3/12/2018 13:12 HRS

Four more ESTA Standards Approved

Since November 6, ANSI’s Board of Standards Review has approved four more ESTA standards. One is a reaffirmation of an existing standard, two are revisions to an existing standard, and the other is a new standard. All four are published, and are available for free download from the TSP website at, thanks to the sponsorship of Prosight Specialty Insurance. They are also available for sale from ANSI and IHS.

These two standards were approved on November 7:

ANSI E1.31-2018, Entertainment Technology – Lightweight streaming protocol for transport of DMX512 using ACN is a revision of the 2016 standard. It describes a mechanism to transfer DMX512A packets over a TCP/IP network using a subset of the ACN protocol suite. It covers data format, data protocol, data addressing, and network management It also outlines a synchronization method to help ensure that multiple sinks can process this data concurrently when supervised by the same controller. This revision includes support for IPv6 as well as IPv4.
ANSI E1.51-2018, The Selection, Installation, and Use of Single-Conductor Portable Power Feeder Cable Systems for Use at 600 Volts Nominal or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy in the Television, Film, Live Performance and Event Industries in Canada gives guidance on how to safely use single-conductor portable power feeder cable, a power distribution technique about which the Canadian Electrical Code is largely silent.

On November 29, ANSI’s Board of Standards Review approved these two standards:

ANSI E1.5 – 2009 (R2018), Entertainment Technology – Theatrical Fog Made With Aqueous Solutions of Di- And Trihydric Alcohols is a reaffirmation of a 2009 standard that describes the composition of theatrical fogs or artificial mists that are not likely to be harmful to otherwise healthy performers, technicians, or audience members of normal working age. This standard is intended to be applied in theatres, arenas, and other places of entertainment or public assembly where theatrical fogs and mists are often used. It lists what is permissible in the fog or haze and how much can be there on a short-term and long-term basis.

ANSI E1.8-2018, Entertainment Technology – Loudspeaker Enclosures Intended for Overhead Suspension – Classification, Manufacture and Structural Testing covers the requirements for loudspeaker enclosures specifically intended for overhead suspension, but addresses only the structural characteristics of the enclosure pertaining to its suspension, such as enclosure construction, component part security, enclosure suspension hardware, manufacturing control systems, structural testing, and product representation.

These approvals come after ANSI’s November 6 approval of four other standards, for a total of eight ESTA standards published in November.