8/08/2014 11:08 HRS

BSR E1.37-4 File transfer control to provide firmware upload capabilities

The proposal sets out the minimum requirements for controllers and responders to allow a method of firmware uploads using RDM. It defines the transfer process, command implementation, and relationship to the existing ANSI E1.20 RDM standard, and specifically provides a transfer mechanism that can be applied to memory limited responders with transmit and receive buffers as small as 64 bytes, whilst allowing scalable improvements (reduction in transfer times) for responders.

BSR E1.54 PLASA Standard for Color Communication in Entertainment Lighting

The goal of this draft standard is to specify a standardized color space by defining an RGB triangle and white point. Using these, manufacturers of luminaires and lighting controllers will have a common reference toward achieving consistent color. The standard will facilitate the communications between lighting controllers and color-changing luminaires by using this standardized way of specifying color. The method proposed is generic and is neither manufacturer-specific nor color technology-specific.

BSR E1.55 Standard for theatrical makeup mirror lighting

The standard would offer recommendations and requirements for makeup mirror lighting in performer dressing rooms and similar locations. It would define a range of acceptable lamp CCTs and color-rendering ratings, and would also specify illumination levels and lighting angles for illuminating the performer’s face.

BSR E1.56. Rigging Support Points Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Testing

This standard is to provide guidance for the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of permanent and temporary rigging points and rigging lugs and their connection to existing building and venue structures.

PLASA invites any interested parties to become involved with these projects, either by joining a working group or participating in future public reviews of draft standards. Working group applications may be downloaded from and public review documents are posted to