2/10/2014 10:10 HRS

If you are a UK tax payer the Association as a Registered Charity is able to reclaim 25p for every £1 you pay in your subscription. This is because your subscription is considered as a donation.   It costs you nothing, but is extremely important for the ABTT as it provides valuable extra funds with which to carry out its work on behalf of the Theatre industry.  By being able to reclaim Gift Aid the Association is able to keep the subscriptions as low as possible.

We are required to follow the statutory requirements for Gift Aid declarations which have recently changed.  It is really important that you confirm or reconfirm Gift Aid with your membership renewal form in order to ensure that the Association can gain the greatest benefit from your donation. By making a Gift Aid declaration you are increasing the value of your support for the ABTT at no extra cost.

You can gift aid your donation if you pay enough UK income tax or capital gains tax to cover the amount the Association is able to reclaim on your donation. By gift aiding your donation you are confirming that you pay enough tax for all gift aided donations you make.

To comply with government legislation we must ask you to confirm whether you want to allow Gift Aid to be claimed on your donation today and/or on donations in the past four years and/or on donations in the future.  For your ease we have provided tick boxes for you to indicate your wishes.

·           If you tick “Today” we will only claim Gift Aid on the current donation and not any future donations.

·           If you are new to Gift Aid and tick “in the past four years” box the ABTT are able to go back four years to reclaim tax on past donations.  If we make a claim in 2015 we are able to go back to the beginning of 2010.

·           If you tick the “in the future” box the ABTT will be able to continue claiming Gift Aid on your donation every year until you tell us otherwise.
Please tick all boxes you wish to apply.

By ticking a box you are also confirming that you have paid or will pay enough tax in any year for which Gift Aid is reclaimed so as to equal or exceed the amount of Gift Aid reclaimed.

Please take time to consider which box or boxes would be most appropriate for you  to tick or confirm on line. Gift Aid is such a valuable source of income for the Association we do hope you will be able to confirm your willingness for it to be reclaimed.  It makes a huge difference to the Association’s income and therefore the work we are able to do.

Gift Aid is applicable to individual members but not to affiliated organisations.

For further information please refer to the HMRC website here