24/11/2014 15:11 HRS

We are very pleased to be able to extend an invitation from the Stage Management Association to those with ABTT membership to attend their Equity/SMA Brunch on the topic of Risk Assessments (see details below). Please note this event is FREE for ABTT,  SMA and Equity Members. £10 for others per Brunch.


Special Offer: £10 off Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment – Cash Sales Only.

To help with the cost of brunch we shall have copies of Technical Standards available for Cash Sales only at a special discount price of £40 each. (Full Price £50)

Technical Standards: Section N1: “Risk assessments only work if they are being used, not if they are stuck on a shelf gathering dust.”


Equity/Stage Management Association Brunch – Risk Assessments

15th December 2014


Venue: Council Room, Equity, Guild House, Upper St Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9EG

Risk Assessments – the do’s and the don’ts.

Experienced colleagues led by senior SM/PM Adam Burns pool more years of experience than they like to admit, to talk you through the right and wrong way to approach a risk assessment for your next show.

Topics covered will include:

  • Less is more: Did you know that HSE actually advise less information on risk assessments in many cases?
  • What is a risk? Some work carries more risk than other, but you might be surprised to hear that some serious risks can occur during work you do every day.
  • The methodology: How do you quantify risk and what do you need to do to avoid it?
  • Does risk assessment apply to rehearsal?
  • How do you know which risks you need to assess?
  • How can you make sure that you and your team are equipped and properly informed to run a safe show?
  • How do I write a risk assessment which people will actually read?
  • Get seasonal advice: is throwing sweets into the audience really a Health and safety Hazard?
  • How is video and photography in a theatre a Health and safety risk?
  • Can you have a bubble machine at your Xmas party?
  • We have fights, stunts and pyros in our show: how can they ever be safe?
  • Find out how to plan for and assess inherently risky activity

Share your experience and get information relevant to you. Bring a risk assessment from your current or next show and get advice on the risks you face and how to reduce them.

Please Reserve your place here  

Free for ABTT, SMA and Equity Members. £10 for Non-members per Brunch. Please reserve your place by emailing the SMA here.