2019 :

2018 : November
An update on NCCI and an explanation of Apprenticeship Funding.

2017 : September
International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference – The Programme

2017 : January
International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference – An Informal Discussion

2016 : May
Off Stage Chat

2015: November
The White Heat of Revolution: History and Houselights

2015 : May
Chichester Festival Theatre – The Reunion

2014 : November
Understanding Freight and Logistics for Live Events or Trucking all over the World

2013 : November
International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference 2014
the people – the places – the technologies

2013 : May
The ABTT and its year ahead

2012 : October
Apprentices in the Backstage World

2012 : May
Insurance: Revisited

2011 : November
Adaptable theatres: 50 years on. Do they work?

2011 : May
A Conversation with Julian Bird, the new Chief Executive of SOLT/TMA.

2010 : November
Sub-Contractors Caught in the Crossfire.

2010 : March
The ABTT. A Time For Change and a New Direction.

2009 : November
A look at the role within the tender and building process of an arts building.

2009 : May
How to present yourself well at Trade Shows or How come that stand down the aisle is always busy?

2008 : April
Sustainability is the new ‘watchword’ in British theatre. But how does it translate into our everyday business?

2007 : November
The journey: A practical exercise looking at communication skills, perception and behaviours.

2007 : May
Reading Minds and Wearing Red: How NLP Can Help Your Powers of Communication.

2006 : November
Seven Deadly (Legal) Sins & a ‘Rag Bag’ of other legal topics.

2006 : February
Just What Does My Insurance Cover Me For? A spotlight on insurance.

2005 : July
Why Should I Bother Returning a Tender?