6/01/2015 13:01 HRS

PLASA makes the following announcement:


PLASA is delighted to announce the launch of the Trainee Rigger Scheme, and hope you will help spread the word to attract freelance crew and contractors who might consider a career in rigging.

The scheme will provide a way of logging experience against specific rigging tasks, building a picture of the trainee’s practical rigging development and training undertaken. Over time they will be able to track their development and readiness for competence-based assessment at Level 2 of the National Rigging Certificate.

“I think this is a great initiative both for our in-house technicians as well as casual technicians and local crew. We are […] always looking for training schemes for our team who work with the venue riggers – it would be great to have a formal scheme that they could start on to give them more of an understanding of rigging.” Nicky Norman, ACC Liverpool.

Each Trainee must prove they have attended one of the specified health and safety courses prior to registration. These have been recognised by the National Rigging Advisory Group as being tailored to the needs of the entertainment industry. All Trainees hold a Trainee Rigger ID card which identifies them to potential employers as someone who is serious about a career in rigging and is committed to developing their knowledge and skills.

“The Trainee Rigger Scheme will encourage those who think a career in rigging is for them to take the first steps in gaining relevant training and experience. UK Rigging fully endorses this scheme and will look at supporting those with Trainee Rigger Cards.” Harry Box, UK Rigging.

We hope you will encourage NRC riggers you may employ to sign Trainees Log Books to confirm the tasks undertaken. We believe the scheme will help secure the next generation of riggers.

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