22/10/2013 10:10 HRS

Technical Riders come in all shapes and sizes, from the two liner detailing a stand up’s need for an LX special and an SM58, to the extensive tomes that detail everything from the star’s dietary needs to the size of the washing machines required. Similarly Tech Specs at venues can be as easy to understand as the Rosetta Stone, or as comprehensive as a ScrewFix Catalogue. There is no consistency, this may be interesting but is it time to introduce some form of standardisation? Wouldn’t this make life a little bit easier?  If section two of every tech spec detailed the size of the stage and section three of every tech rider gave details of the cast size then people will know where to look. And what about schedules and Tech riders?

To discuss this we have John Young, Head of Technical Services at The Ambassadors Group, Martin Hunt Technical Director at the Wales Millennium Centre, Petrus Bertschinger  Senior Lecturer in Technical and Production Management at The Royal Central School of  Speech and Drama and David Evans Head of Production at National Theatre Wales. Bring along examples of excellence if you have any, also other ones might be interesting.

Here is a link to the legendry Iggy Pop Tech Rider -

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