Non-Conventional* Theatre Spaces (2016)

FREE: NON-CONVENTIONAL* THEATRE SPACES. A booklet to help people who want to safely present non-conventional* theatre productions in non-conventional* theatre spaces.  These spaces may include shops, warehouses, office blocks, brownfield sites etc. Theses spaces are usually not equipped with the safety  equipment found in conventional theatres, so you have to make sure that both the company (performers and other staff) and the audience can deal with emergencies if something goes wrong.

*Non-Conventional Theatre may be described by a number of terms some of which are: Experiential/Pop-Up/Site Specific/Site Located/Found Space/Immersive/ Promenade/Experimental/Transformative/Game Playing/Secret. It may  include other Non-Traditional forms of theatre.

Download your free copy of Non-Conventional* Theatre Spaces  here.

RU Safe?  Technical Standards 2015_FrontCcover

You may also find it useful to look at  RU Safe? (here),

or the Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment (here)

Free hard copies of Non-Conventional* Theatre Spaces also available, please contact the office.

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