Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment 2015 (revised 2018)


This Publication was first released in 2015 - but has since been updated (most recently revised on September 2018).
It is advisable if your book is out of date to obtain the most recent revised edition which now available!

When you purchase a copy you obtain your own unique code (on an A4 piece of paper within the hardcopy book) which allows you to then view the publication online.

Codes obtained with the purchase of the 2013 edition of Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment will continue to work with the 2015 edition.

Alternatively you can click here where you then register your name and email address and will be given 5 free online views of the publication.

In addition a FREE: RU SAFE?  booklet (as shown below) to help people who want some information and guidance about entertainment in smaller venues, like fringe theatres, pubs, clubs, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and bars. Download your free copy here  (or add a Free hard copy of RU SAFE? to your shopping cart by following this link  here ).


Should you have any queries, as always, do contact the ABTT team in the office.

Theatres Trust Logo (2016)

Spend a penny scheme to improve the provision of Ladies' loos in theatres

A scheme by the Theatres Trust to enhance the theatregoing experience of female audience members by improving their restroom facilities. The scheme’s benefactors, Susan and Simon Ruddick, hope that this initiative will bring direct relief to a few, while at the same time indirectly raising the profile of an issue that is of recurring concern to many.

The essential starting point for guidance on the provision of facilities may be found in the free extract:

Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment: G1 Sanitary Accommodation

Price: £60.00

ABTT Member Price: £45.00

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