Theatre Buildings A Design Guide (2010)

The Association of British Theatre Technicians produced its first guide to
the design and planning of theatres in 1972. Revised in 1986, it became the
standard reference work for anyone involved in building, refurbishing, or
creating a performance space. Theatre Buildings – a design guide is
its successor.

Written and illustrated by a highly experienced team of international
theatre designers and practitioners, it retains the practical approach of the
original while extending the scope to take account of the development of new
technologies, new forms of presentation, changing expectations, and the
economic and social pressures which require every part of the theatre to be as
productive as possible.

The book takes the reader through the whole process of planning and
designing a theatre. It looks in detail at each area of the building: front of
house, auditorium, backstage, and administrative offices. It gives specific
guidance on sightlines, acoustics, stage engineering, lighting, sound and
video, auditorium and stage formats. Aspects such as catering, conference and
education use are also covered.

The information is supplemented by twenty-eight case studies, selected to
provide examples which range in size, style and format and to cover new
buildings, renovations, conversions, temporary and found space. The studies
include Den Norsk, Oslo; The Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis; The Liceu,
Barcelona; Les Bouffes du Nord, Paris; The RSC’s Courtyard Theatre in Stratford
on Avon; and the MTC Theatre in Melbourne. All have plans and sections drawn to
1:500 scale.

The book contains around 100 high quality full colour images as well as over
60 specially drawn charts and diagrams explaining formats, relationships and
technical details.


Foreword by Sir Cameron Macintosh

Section 1: Preliminary Planning

Section Editor:
David Staples

Gary Faulkner

Section 2: Broad Principles

Section Editor:
Tim Foster

Lisa Foster
Paul Gillieron
Stuart Martin

Section 3: Front of House

Section Editor:
Barry Pritchard

John Botteley
Colin Chester
Stewart King
Ian Knowles
Jim Morse
Howard Raynor
Ian Smith
Roger Spence
Nadia Stern
Alan McKenzie

Section 4: Auditorium Design

Section Editor:
Julian Middleton

John Eames
Paul Gillieron
Anne Minors

Section 5: The Stage and Stage Machinery

Section Editor:
Andy Hayles

Peter Ruthven Hall
Peter Angier
Richard Brett
George Ellerington
Mark Priestley

Section 6: Lighting, Sound and Video

Section Editor:
Andy Hayles

Mike Atkinson
Bruno Poet
Rob Halliday
Jon Stevens
John Owens
Richard Borkum
Flip Tanner

Section 7: Backstage Provision

Section Editor:
A K Bennett-Hunter

Petrus Bertschinger
Dennis Charles
Marilyn Cutts
Terance Dickson
Barbara Eifler
Mark Jones
Jeff Phillips

Section 8: Additional Spaces

Section Editor:
David Blyth

Julien Boast
Colin Chester
Ruth Close
Russell Miller
Sue Morley
Julia Potts

Section 9: Restoration, Conversion and Improvement of Existing Buildings

Section Editor:
Peter Longman

John Earl

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