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SiPA is an advocate for change towards a sustainable entertainment economy that is driven by three key responsibilities to: people, the planet and making profit responsibly. It’s an industry-wide approach to replenish more than we consume socially and environmentally; looking at our impact beyond the financial bottom line and the excitement of the opening night.

Following the development of the SiPA goals back in 2015, we want to share success stories, however big or small.

Recent research has shown that approximately 14% of our industry’s production activities are heading in a restorative ‘circular’ direction, this is a great start.
As an industry of story tellers, we need to share that good news, to get the message out there loud and clear, that 2019 is the time to accelerate the transition to an economy that is responsible and regenerative by design.

 To that end, we plan to share the stories of our successes and failures.  Time might be limited, but that’s no reason to give up. We can still effect real change by ensuring our working practices reflect our concerns for the environment, our commitment to social justice and our undertaking to be economically responsible.

By celebrating and sharing our successes, we can highlight the ideas that worked and more importantly, we can learn from our challenges/mistakes to move forward.

Example Three Stories

National Theatre Wales now include a “sustainability” page in their programmes and on their website, explaining the choices and decisions that they have made for each show and they include the Head of Production’s email address to encourage questions, feedback and comments.

Robe Lighting offer spare parts for all of their fixtures. If a part fails, they would rather you bought a spare part and made a repair, than replace a whole fixture – some of their lights from the 80s are still out there. They also guarantee spare parts for all new lights for 10 years.

Unusual Rigging Ltd are 65% carbon neutral and working towards be entirely carbon neutral by 2022. They were finalists in the Circulars 2017 awards, tracking ‘circularity’ of 1000’s of items of equipment (reuse, refurbish).

180 Arts institutions have declared a climate emergency you/rs may be one of them. 


In 2018 SiPA was invited by UK Theatre to participate in their Off-Stage Conference. We ran six workshops with venues and individuals eager to make change and found there is a huge hunger and a real desire to engage in this subject.

Subsequently, SiPA has been invited to present a case study that summaries our industries’ activities, practices, production processes etc… that look to the future and align with the principles of a circular economy. Sharing what we did, how it was successful, plus the barriers and the enablers that we experienced along the way. This will occur at the ABTT London Theatre show June 5th/ 6th 2019.

If you wish to share your (or your organisations’) stories –  successes, challenges, barriers, hopes and aspirations, please get in touch. It is vital that we get the message out there, to inspire further action across our supply chains and throughout every stage in the production process to make our industry a leader in the transition to a circular economy.

We have a finite planet but infinite creativity – so don’t be shy, get involved now by sharing your stories.

Many of us are asking what can we do collectively to be a part of the climate solution. This is a start. You can contact us simply be replying to this email. We’d love to hear from you….

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