11/01/2013 12:01 HRS

After the success of last year, the Generating Company is delighted to announce their 2013 season of professional Master Classes at their Creative Centre in the South West of France.

The Classes are designed and inspired by the Generating Company’s 12 year experience in creating and producing international shows, and are aimed at creating a springboard for professional and creative development.

Master classes will take place in the Summer and Autumn of this year.

Genco PRODUCING: 18th – 22nd February 2013
Leads to a greater understanding of scheduling budgeting and managing your event.

This is an opportunity for Artists, Directors, Creators or Managers of Live Arts projects to work with The Generating Company.

During the weeklong stay the applicant will be given help to develop their concept for a show or live event and given advice on budgeting, costing, casting, design, marketing and sales and intellectual property. There will be formal training classes in finance and fundraising, contracts, health and safety, and management of the creative team.

Pitch your idea to the Generating company producers and the most successful pitch will be offered the opportunity to work alongside the Generating Company to make their idea a reality.

Genco PRODUCTION: 20th – 24th May 2013, 30th September – 4th October 2013
Develops understanding of Production and Project Management from small scale productions to large scale International spectaculars.

Ideally suited to new producers, stage managers, production managers, technicians and artists; led by Paul Cockle, executive producer of The Generating Company.

Areas covered:

·  Different types of theatres and venues and how they work.

·  Different genres of performance from Opera to Circus and how that changes the production approach.

·  Roles and responsibilities in the production and technical teams

·  Design development and planning in all technical areas.

·  Developing the production budget

·  Hiring and contracting staff and artists

·  Production rehearsals and how to make them effective

·  The technical period from Get in to First night.

·  Running performances

·  Touring shows.

·  Production problem solving and case studies.

·  Health and safety management and responsibilities.

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