7/02/2013 12:02 HRS

The ABTT would like to report the sad passing of one of our long standing Members, Anne Windsor on the 14th January 2013.
Anne Windsor, widow of Phil Windsor, died on 14 January. She was one of those people who worked hard for the benefit of others. She was rarely in the ‘spotlight’ where she deserved to be but, like so many people connected with the theatre, an unsung ‘backstage’ worker. Anne and her late husband Phil were part of the backbone of the ABTT and were closely connected with Christ Church Walmsley in Bolton where they were both hard working members of the congregation. Anne and Phil could always be relied upon to ‘do the job’ with daughter Celia and Steve, her husband, as part of the family team.

They are both greatly missed by so many people. After Phil died Anne continued to put every effort she could into the everyday life of the local community and beyond.