3/02/2015 10:02 HRS

Sue Nightingale, Head of Wardrobe at Birmingham Rep , was presented with Unsung Hero Award at The Stage Party at the Theatre Royal , Drury Lane, on Friday 30 January 2015.

Alistair Smith, Editor of The Stage, introduced this years winner, “This year’s winner has spent a lifetime working in the wardrobe department at Birmingham Rep producing many spectacular costumes for the very many productions that have been produced and staged at the Rep and for other leading theatres. Always dealing calmly and placidly with both the highs and lows of demanding Directors, Designers and Actors for the many and various productions.”  In his introduction Smith quoted Sue’s nominator, “During my time at the Rep at the time of the second and most successful staging of The Snowman in 1998, the production that has continued to play to full houses every year at London’s Peacock Theatre, I was always asked about the Snowman costume and how were they made to look so ice like, a trick of Sue’s skills and the wardrobe department.”
Robin Townley, ABTT CEO, said “The ABTT offers its wholehearted congratulations to  Sue Nightingale, this year’s recipient of the The Stage Unsung Hero Award. It is because the Unsung Hero Award honours people just such as Sue that the ABTT is pleased to be its sponsor.  Sue’s lifetime contribution to the wardrobe department at Birmingham Rep is an example of the tremendous contribution that so many individuals make to the on-going success of theatre companies and in so doing the very art of Theatre itself.  We are very pleased to be able to contribute to giving Sue the recognition she so well deserves. Thank you Sue!”

Sue Nightingale (unsung hero), Louise Jeffreys (ABTT)

L to R: Sue Nightingale, Louise Jeffreys
Photo Credit: Alex Brenner