13/11/2014 10:11 HRS

The National Resource Centre for Dance (NRCD) are developing and need support for the Warren Lamb Archive Project which offers you, as a heritage advocate, the opportunity to help support UK dance and movement heritage, enable future study and research in new areas and contribute to engagement with archives by funding the staff and specialist resources required to make this collection accessible. DONATE.

Warren was eager that his archive should be available for researchers in the future and, following his death in January aged 90, NRCD are determined to progress this project which represents a unique part of the UK’s dance and movement heritage.

A remarkable man, Warren trained and worked with Rudolf Laban from 1947, carrying out workplace movement analysis. Warren developed this work further, and his approaches, now known as Movement Pattern Analysis, have been used in management consultancy and personal development world-wide. More info.

Warren’s approaches were also applied in therapeutic settings (particularly through his associations with Irmgard Bartenieff and Judith Kestenberg in the USA) and the archive could be utilised in research and practice for a broad range of disciplines including Dance, Movement Therapy, Somatic Studies, Management, Human Resources, Counselling, Psychotherapy and other therapeutic areas.

Your gift can help NRCD meet their goal of at least £30,000and every little helps. NRCD are aiming to raise as much support as we can from personal giving by 30 November 2014 as they will then start to explore additional funding opportunities.

To donate, please follow this link and enter the amount you wish to DONATE.