Who we are:

The School Theatre Support Group (STSG) is a network of theatre technicians and support staff working in schools and colleges, offering a community to this specialist yet important market. They are responsible for many professionally equipped small theatres, as well as training and encouraging the next generation of theatre practitioners.

What we do:

The STSG offers a community of support in this specialist field of work. They are a membership organisation, primarily focused around their annual weekend conference. Members are encouraged to share information, ask questions and arrange visits.

Why  we do it:

STSG was founded in 2005 as an organisation for professional theatre technicians working in school theatres. As theatre practitioners in a teaching environment, school technicians occupy a unique and isolated situation; outside of regular theatre but with the same products, rules and problems. For this reason, the founders felt that a network of school-based theatre technicians would be mutually beneficial.

Our Aims:

We have over 100 members from a wide range of independent schools, state schools and other institutions around the country, with all manner of facilities from professional theatres to drama classrooms. This allows us to share ideas and problems specific to school theatres, as well as keeping in contact with those working in a similar situation.

Our aim is to be the information resource for those teaching drama or working with young people in other areas of theatre.

Why you should join:

The Group is open to all professionally-employed theatre support staff working in schools, colleges or other educational establishments; primarily technicians and managers, but also anyone with an active interest, such as teachers with responsibility for the technical side of productions. The majority of our members work in secondary schools, but we also have a few members from primary/prep schools, colleges and universities.

The Group is run by a voluntary committee, managed by the Group Administrator who is one of the founding members.

As a member of the ABTT, you are eligible to join the STSG for free – you simply need to let us know that you wish to join.

To find out more information about the aims of the STSG please click here.