Seminar recording:

ABTT Seminar: Richard Pilbrow: Social Distancing – Oh no we can’t! – September 4th 2020

Seminar Chat can be viewed here.

Relevant Organisations or Productions discussed:

American Repertory theatre and the Healthy Buildings Program at Harvard.

Berliner Ensemble and Social Distancing.

Interview with Dr. Erin Bromage, Comparative Immunologist and Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth).

Dogs and Covid Detection

#WeMakeEvents is an international movement to highlight that the live events sector urgently needs support from local governments to survive the Covid-19 crisis. #WeMakeEvents is also the champion for all the people in the events industry, creating awareness and understanding of their threats and issues. As part of this, they raises

Downloadable Resources on getting back to work:

ABTT Covid-19 Guidance Resources: This page lists documents and links to working documents provided by organisations and companies attempting to work safely in our Industry. These documents must only be taken in the context of which the companies have created them.

Guidance Note 101: COVID-19 Risk Assessments for Returning to Work in Places of Entertainment
(To be read in conjunction with ABTT Guidance Note 102 etc)

Guidance Note 102: COVID-19 Returning to Work Support Information
(To be read in conjunction with ABTT Guidance Note 101)

Guidance Note 103: COVID-19 Production and Technical Departments Safe Working Procedures
(To be read in conjunction with ABTT Guidance Note 101)