Technician (x2) at Brixton House

Application closing date: 24 Jan 2022 11:59pm

Based: London

Salary: £25 000 per annum

Position: Technician

Contract: Full Time



We are a busy and growing team building a new theatre that will open in the heart of Brixton in January 2022.

Brixton House aims to be a transformative venue. Our location on Coldharbour Lane puts us in the best place to provide an enriching variety of entertainment, activities, and opportunities for everyone. We will deliver these with care, inclusivity, and respect.

Our vision is to create the world we want to imagine. Brixton House will define theatre-making for a new generation of makers, artists, writers, producers, technicians, and audiences. We will support and inspire new artistic experiences that develop community solidarity and passion for social change.

Our mission is to create safe spaces for our community to connect, create and enjoy.

Community members and artists at various stages of their journey will join us to create and share honest, challenging, and innovative work that propels theatre towards a more inclusive global society.

Our commitment to building a strong connection with our community is reflected in our core values:

  1. Always be welcoming to our international community
  2. Be radical and progressive in our thinking and activities
  3. Be collaborative in our ambitions – nurturing new relationships locally, and beyond Brixton
  4. Most importantly, always celebrate our unique identity and growing accomplishments!

The Production, Technical and Building Services Department will be made up of 3 fulltime members of staff: the Head of Production, Technical and Building Services, Technicians (2) and Maintenance Technician (part-time).

Purpose of the role




  • To undertake the duties of the Duty Technician for Productions, Tours, Projects and Events at Brixton House and other sites.
  • To operate technical equipment for performances within Brixton House’s remit.
  • To program technical equipment for performances.
  • To provide technical assistance for all events, community events and Learning and Participation events at Brixton House.
  • To maintain all equipment in the technical Department.
  • To lead freelance teams, acting as the Lead technician.


  • To lead get-ins, fit-ups and get-outs of productions and events.
  • To lead the loading and unloading of vehicles.
  • To undertake maintenance and improvements to the installed technical systems at Brixton House, as instructed by the Head of Technical.
  • To prepare, install, check, and operate all technical equipment for rehearsals, performance and streaming of events.
  • To attend rehearsals and Learning and Participation events as required.
  • To check against plans, plots, schedules and system diagrams for each event, project to determine equipment requirements.
  • To undertake the cleaning, maintenance and testing of technical equipment and areas in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, Brixton House Health and Safety policy and Health and Safety regulations.


  • Take an active role in the planning of events and projects within the remit of Technical Department.
  • Produce Plans, plots and schedules for each production and event at Brixton House.
  • Take an Active role in planning a maintenance programme for the technical department.
  • Maintain a technical department archive.


  • Adhere to Brixton House’s Health and Safety Policy.
  • To use a wide range of technical and work equipment correctly and safely, including access equipment, lifting equipment, rigging, test equipment, hand, and power tools.
  • To maintain a tidy and safe workspace
  • To supervise the effective and safe working of personnel who are allocated to assist you in your task or project.
  • To work safely and confidently at height using a wide range of access equipment.
  • To undertake vehicle driving duties as required.
  • To undertake routine in-service inspection and testing of all technical equipment utilised by the technical department.



  • Adhere to and implement the guidelines, procedures, and policies of Brixton House.
  • Play an active role in the life of the company and to work across departments to develop a positive and engaged organisational culture.
  • Work with Learning and participation Department to open the company’s creative and technical processes to a wider range of communities.
  • Be aware and comply with rules and legislation pertaining to Health and Safety at Work Act and abide by the procedures as set up in the Brixton House Health and Safety Policy.
  • To have a positive attitude to environmental issues. To take a proactive role in the development and action of the Environmental Policy relevant to the technical department and Company as a whole.


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