Company Profile

Theatredor is a professional networking site for the performing arts. It is designed with you in mind from Oscar winners to Am Dram heroes who entertain local communities. Our platform is for actors, playwrights, technical workers, stage managers, choreographers, musicians and much more.We have lots of ideas of features and benefits we will be adding to the platform as our community grows. We want you to be as involved in our growth and look forward to meeting you.

Being successful in performing arts is all about working with the right people. It can be hard to build professional networks given the transient and short-term nature of our industry. Existing social networks aren’t built with us in mind – they don’t allow us to express ourselves adequately, and enable us to connect, create, share, perform with like-mind people. We have created a safe community for anyone and everyone who works in or who wants to work in this industry.  We are Theatredor… Connecting the Stage.



Allia Future Business Centre
Kings Hedges Road