Who they are:

The UK National Arts Wellbeing Collective UK was launched at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 24th April 2019.  The Collective has been established to link like minded organisations and individuals around the United Kingdom to improve health and wellbeing in the Arts and Cultural employment sectors.  The idea first stemmed from the work of the Arts Centre Melbourne in Australia.  We are thankful to them for allowing us to copy their idea and look forward to an exciting collaboration with them.

What they do:

The purpose of the UK National Artist Wellbeing Collective (“UK NAWC”) is to bring together Arts, Cultural and Heritage organisations to:

  • share ideas on reducing the stigma of mental health in the workplace;
  • identify trends and common challenges;
  • discuss best practices to support mental health issues across the sector;
  • promote good health and wellbeing within the sector.


How to join:

Membership of the Collective is available to individuals and organisations.  To become a member you must pledge to promote health and wellbeing in your work.

Membership is free.  Benefits include access to future events held by venues across the United Kingdom.  Internet resources and information from individuals and organisations, including  arts and cultural venues, societies and charities.

To find out more about membership with UK NAWC please see here.