Over the last four years of education Ben has been interested in technical theatre. Along with that has come a passion to learn from the people around him and then pass that learning on to others. He have a key interest in helping people learn and expanding their horizons and wishes to use his position as A Young Associate Representative to show students interested in backstage careers guidance and how they can get involved in the Industry and get access to the great resources and information available through  organisations like the ABTT.

Ben is currently studying at City College Norwich, where he found many of his classmates were not aware of organisations like the ABTT. Ben would love to extend a presence to other students at FE and HE level to give them information on the ABTT and what they do, including making them aware of things like the safety helpline and training opportunities, of which he has personally benefited.

The ABTT Council think it very important that the rapidly growing number of Young and Student Associates have a voice in Council and are able to contribute to the work that the Council undertakes. To this end the Council invite applications from any Young Associates or Student Associates who would like to generally represent the interests, experiences, opinions and concerns of those with the same membership as themselves. If you are interested, please find out more here.