The collection was originally digitised for the ABTT’s 50th Anniversary and in celebration of the ABTT’s 60th Anniversary we are now releasing our audio only versions for you to enjoy and to help to share some of the amazing things members of our community have achieved over the years.

If you are interested in accessing these videos recordings please use the catalogue numbers listed alongside each audio recording.  These catalogue numbers can be used to request access via the ABTT Archive on


ABTT Technical Theatre Recordings 1984 – 2004


Roderick Ham (Theatre Architect) interviewed by Peter Longman (01/07/1999) – ABTT/OH/0015 – TM994021.

This audio track features an interview by Peter Longman with Roderick Ham (1925 – 2017) who was a founder member of the ABTT and a distinguished Theatre Architect. He designed the Thorndike Theatre Leatherhead and influenced Denis Lasdun’s design for the National Theatre.