This seminar is the fifth in a series of six and was hosted by Dave Wybrow (Director – The Cockpit, Marylebone). The panelists were Anna Furse, David Farley, Diana Ford and Klaus Kruse.

This seminar was followed by a Q&A session.

ABTT Seminar: Design Beyond the Proscenium – July 2021

ABTT Seminar: Design beyond the Proscenium Chat



David Farley: David Farley is a dyslexic set, costume and production designer for theatre, opera and live events. He is Associate Designer for Slung Low who specialise in large-scale outdoor community centered productions. David has a passion for technology, materials and making and is a director of The Society of British Theatre Designers.

Diana Ford: Di Ford is a designer, maker and illustrator based in West Wales. Throughout her career storytelling has been at the centre of what she creates. Her work has primarily involved puppet design, fabrication and occasionally puppeteering, as well as set design and workshop facilitation. It was in Nepal where she discovered a desire to teach and encourage children to continue to be creative, she spent four months in a school in Kathmandu teaching the children puppetry and drama.

Anna Furse: Anna Furse directs the MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University of London and has been working in the Department of Theatre and Performance for almost 20 years. She is an award-winning professional theatre director and writer. She continues to make new works internationally with her company Athletes of the Heart. Her research interests include feminist performance and the overlaps between theatre and medicine from cultural perspectives.

Klaus Kruse: Klaus Kruse is a director, scenographer, performer, poet and songwriter based in the UK since 2002. He is a senior lecturer at the Theatre Department at Falmouth University. He specialises in designing and directing immersive theatre productions. Klaus has a particular interest in the significance of the audience’s physical position in the performance space and his company Living Structures utilises ‘changing spatial reality’ as a tool for storytelling that engages audiences in unusual ways.



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