ABTT Seminars 2020

Following the success of the ABTT June Seminars, ABTT Trustee Mig Burgess and ABTT Administrator Elysia Moore decided to curate a second series online seminar/webinars running throughout July - September 2020. These covered new subjects, as well as revisiting popular topics such as Sustainability and Producing work during COVID-19.

Sustainability – Time for Systematic Change
Diversity in the Arts: Rebuilding an Industry that works for all
Creating Theatre in a COVID-19 Landscape
Working Safe & Healthy Post COVID-19
Covid-safe working for Costume and Wardrobe
The UV-C Light at the end of the Tunnel
Live Streaming in Theatre
ABTT/RB Health & Safety Solutions: Mental Health & Covid-19 Webinar
Richard Pilbrow: Social Distancing, Oh no we can’t!