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ABTT Seminar: Diversity in the Arts: Rebuilding an Industry that works for all – July 2nd 2020

Seminar Chat can be viewed here.

The ABTT’s Diversity and Inclusion Resources can be found here.

Relevant Organisations or Initiatives discussed:

ABTT Core Values Working Group was formed in response to our membership wanting to achieve greater gender equality, diversity and inclusion within theatre and the arts. We hope to drive tangible change across theatre and the wider performing arts and creative industries as well as within our own membership. If you would like to be involved in this rive for change please contact

The ALD is the professional body representing all those who work or are interested in the creation of lighting, video & projection for live performance and events.

The ASD provides a community for UK theatre sound professionals and students, and works to promote theatre sound to the wider industry.

Bectu is the union for creative ambition. They represent over 40,000 staff, contract and freelance workers in the media and entertainment industries.

Equity is the Union for Performers and Creative Workers. The union has four equality committees who’s work is aimed at improving the bargaining, representation and campaigning activity of Equity in order to secure improved employment opportunities for Equity’s diverse membership, and to guarantee good quality terms and conditions of employment.

StageSight’s  vision is to create an off stage workforce that is more reflective of our society today, inclusive of ethnicity, class and disability.

TheatreCallToAction, is currently running the initiative #PullUpOrShutUp. This is a call to action asking theatres, theatre companies, theatre festivals, theatrical agencies and drama schools to disclose how many Black people they have on their teams.

Tonic Theatre believes greater gender equality, diversity and inclusivity in theatre and the arts is not just desirable but eminently achievable

#WeShallNotBeRemoved has been set up to highlight the huge challenges for disabled people to engage with live culture as artists, employees and audiences as a consequence of Covid.

Relevant movements or initiatives:

#PullUpOrShutUp initiative: A call to action for Black representation in British theatre
We encourage all our members, and all organisations in the sector, to respond to the calls to action outlined on this website:
These asks include reporting on the diversity of our workforces and Boards from the last ten years, reporting on the diversity of playwrights and creative teams, and clarifying the measures in place to ensure the safety of Black workers.

#WeShallNotBeRemoved is a UK disability arts alliance formed as an emergency response to the pandemic. It is a forum to advocate, to campaign and support D/deaf, neurodivergent and disabled creative practitioners and organisations through and after Covid19.

Leading disabled artists and cultural leaders send open letter to UK Culture Ministers

An open letter was sent from over 100 leading disabled artists and cultural leaders to The Secretary of State for Culture Oliver Dowden MP and devolved UK Culture Ministers, demanding safeguards to protect the future of disability arts in the UK as a consequence of Covid19.

The letter warns that the pandemic has magnified inequalities for disabled people working in the creative industries. Disabled cultural leaders are calling on the government to implement a range of measures to ensure the renewal and recovery of the cultural sector is more inclusive and offers greater access and representation. The open letter was organised by the new UK Disability Arts Alliance #WeShallNotBeRemoved.

Relevant Resources:

After the Interval: Full six week report

After the Interval: Wave 1 Report

After the Interval: When will Audiences return to live events and venues after lockdown

Anti-racism and Allyship in Stage Lighting Design Document – created by the Students and Staff of the RADA Lighting Department in June 2020

Article: Black Theatre Collective calls for Industry reform not empty gestures

The ABTT’s Diversity and Inclusion Resources can be found here.

BECTU’s Diversity Action Plan

The Equity Roadmap for Re-opening live performance

#PullUpORShutUp Cal to Action

Theatre Casting ToolkitThis toolkit is for anyone who wants to see a broader range of actors on our stages and in our rehearsal rooms. It features a mix of practical tools, inspiration, information and guidance.

Tonic Theatre training and consultancy work