In this session we will be discussing returning to work after the removal of government restrictions will raise a number of issues not commonly encountered:

  • Recruitment
  • Fitness
  • Muscle memory
  • Skills fade
  • Current competence
  • Mental health and wellbeing

An opportunity to consider the challenges of restart.

Participants at this session will have the opportunity to raise questions and share plans and strategies they have developed and adopted.

ABTT Seminar: H&S – Back to Work with COVID-19 and everything else!

ABTT H&S Seminar Backstage Chat.

Downloadable Resources on getting back to work:

Relevant Resources on getting back to work can be found here!

ABTT Covid-19 Guidance Resources: This page lists documents and links to working documents provided by organisations and companies attempting to work safely in our Industry. These documents must only be taken in the context of which the companies have created them.

Guidance Note 101: COVID-19 Risk Assessments for Returning to Work in Places of Entertainment
(To be read in conjunction with ABTT Guidance Note 102 etc)

Guidance Note 102: COVID-19 Returning to Work Support Information
(To be read in conjunction with ABTT Guidance Note 101)

Guidance Note 103: COVID-19 Production and Technical Departments Safe Working Procedures
(To be read in conjunction with ABTT Guidance Note 101)

Guidance Note 105:COVID-19 Re-opening Places of Entertainment: Systems Inspections & Audit Checklist

Guidance Note 106: COVID-19 Re-opening Places of Entertainment: Fire Inspection Checklist

Resources discussed during the seminar:

Ventilation and air conditioning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

CIBSE Documents “Emerging from lockdown” is a series of four documents available as free downloads below.  These currently cover:

This evolving guidance is open to everyone so we can assist as many people as possible at this time.


NRAG Guidance-Skills Fade and Impact on Riggers Returning to Work Following Lifting of Restrictions on Live Events

HSE Sound Advice

HSE Easing of COVID-19Restrictions: Returning to work safely–business considerations

Costume and Wardrobe Covid-19 Resources

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