Tom and David will also be providing an update on the exciting new ABTT Vectorworks online training course which is due to be launched soon

Seminar recording:

ABTT Seminar: The latest in AutoCAD for Performance & Vectorworks – June 2021

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Online Courses/ Software:

This course is largely based on AutoCAD’s 2D functionality with a short bonus 3D tutorial at the conclusion of the course. It is used within the Theatre industry to develop technical drawings for a range of different uses. If you are on the technical drawing side of set or theatre design, this course is for you.

You can find more information on the ABTT AutoCAD Course by David Ripley here

Do you have some time available during the current situation? Then you could improve your CAD skills with our FREE 3D Tutorial covering the basics in moving from 2D to 3D drafting in AutoCAD.

FREE ABTT AutoCAD 3D Tutorial…

AutoSTAGE is a powerful software for the economical and easy creation of professional CAD drawings, technical planning and visualization for trade show, theater and event technology. The software is a planning tool to enhance productivity which can be used to quickly create comprehensive design plans for building, operating and documenting event technology.

You can try AutoCAD and/or any of the industry-specific toolsets that are included with a FREE Trial here:

For the German version of AutoStage this is here:

Vectorworks: You can find more information on Vectorworks here:

In case you were not aware you can get Vectorworks for Education (free) here:

Vectorworks software helps people transform the world. Whether you’re a student developing designs for a class, an educator teaching design, or an administrator making decisions about licences and infrastructure, Vectorworks provides a comprehensive and intuitive design experience to help designers realise their visions.

Online Resources:

Scan2CAD can saves days for companies converting designs. It enables you to automatically convert your designs for CAD. Stop manually tracing or outsourcing redrawing.

Convert your designs for CAD here

Charity Digital can now provide Microsoft’s best cloud offerings for charities – including Office 365, Project Online, Skype for Business and more – alongside donated licences.

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You can begin the registration process here:

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