The Theatre Green Book will have three volumes:

  • Sustainable Productions
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Operations

The second volume of the Theatre Green Book, Sustainable Buildings, is nearing completion.

Many of the UK’s theatres are old; most are not fit for purpose in the context of the climate emergency. Sustainable Buildings will help theatre owners, managers and executive directors plan a route towards zero carbon, helping them understand the challenges, decide between priorities and work out how to achieve the most impact with the resources available.

Paddy Dillon and Andrew Wylie will take participants through the thinking, and share initial ideas about how Sustainable Buildings can help theatre adapt to the reality of the climate crisis.

ABTT Seminar: Sustainable Buildings – The Theatre Green Book (Volume 2)

ABTT Sustainable Buildings Seminar Chat

Theatre Green Book:

Groups and individuals across theatre have been talking for some time about how to make theatre more sustainable and working on blueprints to promote change. The Theatre Green Book aims to bring that thinking together into one place, and develop it as straightforward, practical advice on the first steps everyone should be taking to make productions, theatre buildings and front-of-house operations sustainable.

This ‘Green Book’ of guidance for sustainable theatre will focus on first steps: what everyone can and should be doing to change their practice now, but it will also map out paths ahead, indicating what further steps might be needed to reach a sustainable future quickly.

The first part of the project is looking at productions – a ‘Beta’ version is now available for theatres to trial on re-opening shows and provide feedback on before the final version is released later in the year.

More work will be done on the other strands looking at theatre buildings and front-of-house operations will follow.

Theatres Trust is a project partner along with ABTT and Buro Happold. Paddy Dillon is the Green Book Co-ordinator.


Theatre Green Book Resources:

You can find out more about the Green Book Initiative here

You can download Volume 1 of the Theatre Green Book: Sustainable Productions here

The  ‘Beta’ version is now available for theatres to trial on re-opening shows and provide feedback on before the final version is released later in the year.

You can register for trialing here

You can give feedback on the BETA Version here

You can find the Press Release for the Theatre Green Book Project launching here

Collaborating partners:


Theatres Trust:

Buro Happold:

Seminar Resources:

The ABTT have put together list of relevant resources, initiatives and petitions that need support to help achieve greater sustainability within theatre, live events and the arts.


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