ABTT Theatre Show Seminars 2020

In light of the postponement of the 42nd ABTT Theatre Show until 2021, the ABTT felt that it was necessary to mark the occasion and provide our usual attendees with something to commemorate this event during the current pandemic. As such, ABTT Trustee Mig Burgess and ABTT Administrator Elysia Moore curated a series of 10 online seminar/webinars running over Wednesday 10th – Thursday 11th June 2020.

Raising the Curtain: Working Safe & Healthy Post COVID-19
Sustainability – Is it time for System Change?
Mental Health in Current Times
Technical Training in the New World
Health and Well-being Interactive Workshop
Hair, Make-up, and Costume in the Performing Arts
‘CAD for Performance’ & Vectorworks: ‘2D Plans from 3D Models’
“ALD” spotlight on better conditions & the future of lighting
Theatre then and now
Challenging the Status Quo in the Sound Industry