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ABTT Seminar: Raising the Curtain- Working Safe & Healthy Post COVID-19 – June 2020

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The below documents and links are working documents provided by organisations and companies attempting to work safely in our Industry. These documents must only be taken in the context of which the companies have created them.  While the ABTT would like to ensure these documents are shared and available for the public, we must emphasise that these are in development and should not be considered as codes of practice or standards which the ABTT as we usually create and publish. We cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the content, though the ABTT intend to contribute towards national guidelines in the future.

Pirate Crew Virus Protection V2 updated 5th June 2020

ROH CV19 Briefing note general working

ROH CV19 Briefing note

ROH CV19 Risk assessment Artists

ROH CV19 Risk assessment General

Online Resources:

Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pearle* Re-opening Live Performance

Roadmap for Recovery and Resilience for Theatre coming from Harvard

Performance Buildings in a Post-Pandemic World

A full assessment of the Covid risk of playing wind instruments

Article: How can we resume choir practice without spreading coronavirus?  is an online platform created by SOLT & UK Theatre which highlights a range of live and recorded webinars to equip the theatre industry with the tools to begin rebuilding after the COVID-19 lockdown ends.

Relevant Organisations or Working Groups:

ABTT Standing Committee for Technical Standards: The ABTT does have the ‘Standing Committee for technical standards’ that consists of members from the industry and responsible authorities who deal with matters of interpretation, subjects for inclusion and modifications in view of technical innovations required to maintain the currency of Technical Standards

The ABTT Safety Committee is responsible for the compilation and publication of the ABTT Codes of Practice and plays a vital role in the group publishing the Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment, known as the ‘Yellow Book’.

Entertainment and Event Working Group: Theatre sector welcomes the establishment of a specific new group to find solutions to enable sector to reopen amidst warnings that 70% of venues will run out of cash by the end of the year

Relevant movements or initiatives

#EventsForTheFuture Initiative is a collaboration between the Association for British Theatre Technicians (ABTT), the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA), Production Services Association (PSA), the Society Of London Theatres (SOLT), and UK Theatre which together represent over 3,000 businesses and individuals. The aim is to petition the Government to provide more support to give the events sector a chance of survival through Covid-19 into 2021. Please download and customise one of these letters and send  to your local MP to campaign for further support from the government.

#OurWorldWithout has been launched by the Creative Industries Federation to highlight what a world without culture would look like. The aim of this is to encourage the government to release urgent funding to help creative organisations and professionals who are facing particularly challenging times.

Save Theatres & Entertainment Industry Petition – Please Sign. We all know that theatres and television sets remain completely impractical whilst social distancing is in place. For the majority of those working in the industry, doing our jobs from home is simply not an option and with the industry unlikely to reopen until 2021, this means we are facing a very uncertain future. This is why we’d urge you to sign this petition which calls on additional government support and to develop a strategy which ensures the UK’s cultural sectors’ survival. Add your signature here!

Purple Seven & TRG Arts provide venue dashboards to assist with recovery planning to  all interested venues. This dashboard will enable organisations to benchmark your dataset against your peers, and provides a range of key metrics, to assist you in short and long-term recovery planning.There is no charge for signing up to and accessing your dashboard, and organisations should be able to sign up within a matter of days. The online sign-up process is quick and easy, via this link.

Brunswick Arts has compiled a database of cultural institutions and events affected by Coronavirus globally. Keep this database up to date with the latest information by adding any institutions or events you’re aware of. This Google Sheet can be edited by anyone, so that we have a centralised resource of those who are affected.If you’d like a weekly update of how Coronavirus is affecting culture and creative industries worldwide, you can sign up to the Brunswick Arts ‘Cultural Conversations’ by clicking this link.
Open Source – Google Sheet: Cultural Institutions & Events affected by Coronavirus worldwide

YouTube Video Resources:

The Phantom of the Opera (Bluesquare Theater): Audience guideline

The Phantom of the Opera (Bluesquare Theater): Backstage tour (measures for performers)

The Phantom of the Opera (Bluesquare Theater): How the show is being managed

Technical Theatre PPE – making your own visor