5 Days to go until our 3rd #LightItInRed in support of the #WeMakeEvents campaign.

25 September 2020

Wednesday 30th September is our Global Day of Action.  25 Countries and growing will Stand As ONE to highlight the need for continued support from their respective Governments if the live events industry is to continue.  

The Global Day of action is still happening on Wednesday 30th September with the main reasons why we’re doing this unchanged:

  • To let the press and the public know what is happening and how this affects us all.
  • To continue to creatively express to Governments that we exist, we need help, and the huge contribution we make to our economy.
  • To empower event professionals around the world to collectively STAND AS ONE.

The key thing is that the guidance and regulations are different from region to region and even city to city, so please adhere to those that apply to your area and liaise with your local authority

From 8pm local time we are asking venues, buildings, structures, warehouses, trucks and homes to Light It In Red to highlight all those affected by the current situation in our industry.

If you are lighting your venue, building, van, field, or house red please make sure you register.  We want to fill our map with supporters.

Register your venue TODAY!