The ABTT has members who are interested in all sorts of different areas of our Industry from our ‘Technical Standards’ through to ‘Training and Education’ in our Sector. We even have a Committee to help our Schools share relevant information with one another.

So why not find out some more about the Committees you could get involved in and how to join?

How do I join a committee?

In order to join a committee you must first be a current member of the ABTT.

You can join as any type of membership, an once a member simply contact the ABTT Office to tell us about your interest!

We just need to know what Committee you are interested in and why along with any knowledge or expertise you may have in the area which would lend itself to the Committee.

The Committee will then discuss your enquiry at their next scheduled Committee meeting and we will contact you within 2 weeks to update you on the process.

It really is as easy as that!

What Committees can I join?

The ABTT currently have a range of Committees which members can join. Find out more about our current committees here!