ABTT Seminars Health & Safety, Covid 19 and Technical Standards

Following the success of the past ABTT Seminars we have decided to continue to curate online seminar/webinars and discussions relating to Health & Safety, Covid 19 and Technical Standards

Look to the Future: An HSE Update – ABTT Theatre Show 2023
Cracking the Code with SOLT and UK Theatre – ABTT Theatre Show 2023
Anything but COVID! – Guidance from the HSE – ABTT Theatre Show 2022
The Danger of saying “YES!” – Post-Covid Issues – ABTT Theatre Show 2022
Focus on Freelancers – ABTT Theatre Show 2022
The Code of Conduct – The 2nd Coming – ABTT Theatre Show 2022
ABTT Seminar: Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment – PLASA 2021
ABTT Seminar: Back to work – Challenges to consider and resolve – PLASA 2021
H&S – Back to Work with COVID-19 and everything else! – June 2021
Raising the Curtain: Working Safe & Healthy Post COVID-19 – June 2020
The UV-C Light at the end of the Tunnel – July 2020
Working Safe & Healthy Post COVID-19 – July 2020
Covid-safe working for Costume and Wardrobe – July 2020
Creating Theatre in a COVID-19 Landscape -July 2020
Richard Pilbrow: Social Distancing, Oh no we can’t! – 4th September 2020

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