Our Core Values:

The ABTT has adopted four underpinning core values:

  • Promoting Inclusion & Diversity
  • Enabling Talent
  • Acknowledging Achievement
  • Representing All


The Association encourages:

  • Members to validate and develop their skills through recognised training by providing technical education at all levels, in-service training and seminars.
  • Networking and the exchange of information for the betterment of our members and the industry as a whole.

Our Work:

We provide technical advice, consultations, training, publications and are a vital resource to those working in the technical theatre industry. The ABTT is governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Our Mission:

The ABTT sets the standards to promote self-regulation of safety and technical excellence in the UK’s theatre and live performance industry.

We ensure our core values are upheld through:

  • Sharing – by connecting practitioners through events, discussion, debate, learning and resources.
  • Standards – producing a Code of Practice for the industry, containing guidance by which to safely accommodate and present live performance.
  • Design – advising on the design and operation of venues and on the implementation of technology in places of entertainment.
  • Advocacy – working with government and enforcement agencies to maintain an enlightened and flexible approach to legal compliance.
  • Careers – supporting education, ongoing training and professional development in technical careers.