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Damian Horan,
Senior Partner and Head of Personal Injury

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If you or a member of your family has suffered an injury, you need a specialist personal injury solicitor to help you secure the compensation you deserve whilst also providing you with guidance, advice and support.

Concentrating on the most serious and fatal injuries, we have the know-how to expertly handle your case.

James Glasper
Associate Solicitor

Moore reassurance

Our specialist personal injury solicitors will ensure that not only do you receive appropriate compensation for your injury but that you receive the necessary rehabilitation and treatment to help you return, as much as possible, to independent living.

We will ensure that you have access to the best rehabilitation services from the very start of your case.

Caroline Buckingham
Associate Solicitor

Moore reassurance

We understand the devastating impact sustaining a serious injury has on the injured person and their family. Our team of specialist personal injury solicitors will support you through the process and relieve you and your family from the worries and burden bringing a claim can cause.

Amy Cameron
Associate Solicitor

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Our priority is to maximise your compensation award in the shortest possible time. We work with an extensive network of leading medical, care and other professionals to ensure that the most comprehensive evidence is obtained to support your claim.

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Client stories

This short video tells Mackenzie Bailey’s unique story whereby the injuries he sustained were as a result of a road traffic accident that occurred before he was born.


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