Our Council & Team

The ABTT is run by a council made up of Full Members (voted in to position) who maintain the running of the ABTT Group. Our Council Board currently consists of 11 Trustee-Directors, each elected by the Membership. The Board is responsible for the overall management of the ABTT. Full Members of the ABTT can apply for these roles. ABTT's Council give vital support to help the ABTT steering and advising on our work.

ABTT Council (Trustee Directors)

The ABTT Trustee Directors make up our council. They are Full Members who have been voted in to position by our Membership.

Trustee and Co-chair: David Evans

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Trustee and Co-Chair: Mig Burgess

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Trustee and Vice-Chair: Oliver Brown

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Trustee: Alexander Cann

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Trustee: Anette Ollerearnshaw

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Trustee: Anton Woodward OBE

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Trustee: Ben Stephen

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Trustee: Emma Wilson MBE

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Trustee: Mark Dakin

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Trustee: Mathew Smethurst-Evans

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Trustee: Suzy Somerville

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ABTT Ex-Officio Members

ABTT Young Associate Representatives

ABTT Co-opted Members

ABTT Staff Members


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