The ABTT’s MAKE A DiFFERENCE day is an annual proactive conference day committed to the discussion of current industry issues. This is so much more than talking about current issues. We ask people who attend to pledge to leaving with proactive action points to help develop strategies for positive change. Find out more below!

MAKE A DiFFERENCE conference 2023: Solving our industry’s recruitment & retention crisis
MAKE A DiFFERENCE conference 2024: Bridging the gap between Education and Employment to create a better Industry
What is the ABTT MAKE A DiFFERENCE conference?

Want to attend the MAKE A DiFFERENCE conference?

We are inviting people, businesses and organisations to sign up and join in with the campaign to “MAKE A DiFFERENCE.

As part of your commitment to attend we ask that you agree to do more than just participate on the day and that you agree to leave with clear and feasible actions that will  help us improve recruitment and retention in our industry.

Click here to express your interest!