ABTT AGM: Council Election Announcement 2019

6 November 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the ABTT was held on Monday 4th November 2019 at Battersea Arts Centre, London.

Credit Fred Howarth

Those attending were invited to arrive at 11.30am to enjoy some refreshments. Proceedings then adjourned to the BAC Theatre where the formal Agenda for the AGM was conducted. Apologies were received from David Adams, Fiona Maclean, Malcom Glanville, John Faulkner, Louise Jeffreys, Jane Thornton and Dave Woodward. The Report of the Association for the year to 31 December 2018 and the Consolidated Accounts of the Association for the year to 31 December 2018 were formally adopted by the meeting.

The results of elections to Council were announced stating that Mig Burgess, Andy Franks, Peter Maccoy, Nikki Scott, Caroline Rouse, Emma Wilson have been accepted and they join the continuing trustees who are Louise Birchall, David Evans, Darren Joyce, Anette Ollerearnshaw and John Young.

The Auditors MHA MacIntyre Hudson LLP were appointed to serve until the next Annual General Meeting. The AGM closed at 12.45pm. Jack Champion, Head of Production and Technical, Dan Shelley, Technical Manager and Mike Cunningham, Production Manager then conducted an excellent tour of the BAC premises and new production facilities. The gathered company were lead in three groups on a thorough inspection of the splendid premises.