ABTT announce new Honorary Member and Fellow for 2023!

11 December 2023

This year, the Association of British Theatre Technicians took the opportunity at its Members’ Christmas Party on Friday 8th December, generously supported by ETC and LW Theatres, to present an Honorary Membership and a Fellowship to two of its members.

ABTT Co-Chairs Mig Burgess and David Evans, welcomed everyone gathered at the Gillian Lynne Theatre and explained that individuals were appointed by the ABTT’s Council of Management as Honorary Members to formally acknowledge those “who have rendered signal service to the Association.” This most significant recognition is only bestowed on those who have truly excelled in assisting the ABTT, and this year’s recipient was being honoured due to their commitment to the Association, particularly during the pandemic.

ABTT Co-Chair Mig Burgess delivered the following commendation: “First appointed Chairman of the ABTT in 2019 and remaining in post until November 2021 while maintaining a particular interest in working with the ABTT Safety Committee to produce relevant standards and guidance for working practitioners. Focusing in detail on specific subjects these brief documents are essential in setting and upholding standards in technical excellence, safety and compliance for live performance. Throughout their tenure this individual worked tirelessly, their dedication and hard work being shown clearly in how they helped navigate the ABTT through the pandemic –during which time guidance notes were produced and seminars were hosted.  They lead many online meetings to review and generate ideas on how to engage with our members during this time, as well as lots of trustees meetings to help us steer the Association through this unprecedented time. The Association continued to be an active, vibrant, and most importantly a financially secure leader in the sector under this person’s watch.  It was also under this person’s tenure that we celebrated the milestone of the ABTT’s sixtieth anniversary in January 2021.”

Co-Chair Mig Burgess added: “This person was very generous with his time as David and I took over as Co-Chairs and was patient and giving – helping us navigate this new role.  He remains to this day a person we can call on for continued support when need and for that we are truly grateful.”


The Co-Chairs then invited Richard Bunn to receive his Honorary Membership Certificate acknowledging  his services to the ABTT.”


Figure 1: Richard Bunn (middle) accepting his Honorary Membership from ABTT Co-Chairs Mig Burgess (left) and David Evans (right)

ABTT Co-Chair David Evans reminded the gathered company that the  ABTT appoints an individual who it  is  thought has truly excelled in assisting the technical aspects of the art of theatre in general with a Fellowship..

David invited Anne Minors, Founding Director of Sound Space Vision and a previous ABTT Trustee to introduce  the recipient of the Fellowship..

Anne Minors delivered the following commendation. “The recipient of the Fellowship has not only provided singular service as editor of the forthcoming new edition of Theatre Buildings: A design guide, involving a huge amount of work over a period of nearly 4 years, but they also led the Postgraduate Diploma and MA in Theatre Consultancy at the University of Warwick helping to educate a generation of theatre consultants, widening their understanding beyond that of purely technical theatre.

This individual  has made a significant contribution to the literature relating to theatre design and performance. Being associate editor of the Manchester University Press Shakespeare in Performance series (for nineteen volumes) as well as owning a small independent publishing company publishing books concerning the developments in theatre. These include but are not limited to: This Golden Round: The Royal Shakespeare Company at the Swan (1989: with Michael Reardon and in collaboration with the RSC); Making Space for Theatre: British Architecture and Theatre since 1958 (1995: with Iain Mackintosh and in collaboration with the British Council); Shakespeare’s Globe Rebuilt (1997: with Andrew Gurr and in association with Cambridge University Press; reprinted in paperback, 2009) and The Cottesloe at the National: Infinite Riches in a Little Room (1999: with Jason Barnes and Iain Mackintosh and in association with the National Theatre).”

Anne Minors then invited Margaret Shewring to accept her Fellowship in recognition of her immense body of work.


Figure 2: Margaret Shewring (middle left) accepting her Fellowship of the Association from ABTT Co-Chairs’ David Evans (left) and Mig Burgess (right) alongside Anne Minors (middle right).

The ABTT wishes to congratulate both the newly appointed Honorary Member and Fellow for their amazing achievements and for their significant contribution to the Association and the Industry.

They were celebrated by over 180 guests who attended this popular event enjoying the recognition of individual’s contribution, seasonal fare, mince pies, celebratory drinks, and the entertaining conversations that can only ever happen at the ABTT Christmas Party.