ABTT announces series of online seminars over 10th-11th June.

28 May 2020

In light of the postponement of the 42nd ABTT Theatre Show until 2021, the ABTT felt that it was necessary to mark the occasion and provide our usual attendees with something to commemorate this event during the current pandemic.

While we cannot recreate or replace the experience of the ABTT Theatre Show, we hope to enable some of the conversations and discussions that take place when theatre people come together, we would like to invite you to a programme of online sessions running over Wednesday 10th – Thursday 11th June 2020.

We will be hosting 8 online seminars at no longer that 90 minutes (including Q&A). They will cover a variety of topics including ‘Working safe & healthy post COVID-19’, ‘Sustainability in Theatres’, ‘Mental Health in our times’ plus many more.

Details on each seminar and how to register will be released shortly on the ABTT Events Pages here.